Membership in CLASS offers these benefits:

Cross-training between Specialties:
CLASS is a membership-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to safe and effective laser surgery practice. Recognized leaders in aesthetic laser surgery are members, regardless of their specialty.Cross specialty membership allows cross-sharing of important ideas and techniques among various medical specialties. CLASS is a forum for you to teach and learn from other medical specialties.
Annual Meeting:
Member feedback from our annual meetings is always overwhelmingly positive. The CLASS educational symposium is held each year in November, alternating between Toronto and Montreal.
Promotional Activities:
CLASS will promote, support and act as a resource for members. It will help differentiate members who are specialists from peripheral practitioners who are advertising and make clear to the public the benefits of choosing a CLASS member.
The CLASS website permits any visitor to search CLASS members according to city, specialty or surname. With the membership fee, each CLASS member is entitled to a personal web page, which details relevant information and includes a photo.
Hands on training:
Organized, hands-on training courses for members. Members will be able to network easily with other members to gather information about new techniques and procedures. Our network of preceptors available for training purposes is unequalled.
When your competitor down the street has a preventable complication, it hurts your business: it raises awareness of the negative outcomes that are possible with any form of cosmetic surgery. Whenever anyone has a complication, overall public demand drops. It is best for you and for everyone if everyone performs good, safe, effective procedures. When everyone is operating at maximum quality, cosmetic surgery will become more commonplace and suitable for the majority.
Membership Certificate:
Each new member will receive a membership certificate and may purchase a wall plaque upon admission to the society.

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