It is with pleasure that we welcome you to the Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Specialists Society website. I hope that you find the information and contacts on our site valuable as you gather information on the many exciting and effective treatments and procedures available to help you to look your best.

This society was created more than 30 years ago to facilitate collaboration and communication between surgical and medical specialist physicians providing cosmetic procedures and treatments to their patients. This society was also created to help consumers to make educated choices about providers of these services. For many years, Plastic Surgeons were the only Specialists that had the formal training to be considered the primary providers of Aesthetic surgery and treatments. Over the past 20 years, several other Specialty training programs such as Dermatology, Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology have also have insisted on formal training in the use of Aesthetic lasers and selected non-surgical Aesthetic treatments. Rather than staying insular, many experts in these fields elected to share their experiences and ideas. Although the idea of collaborating with specialists of different backgrounds was considered novel and even controversial, this cooperative approach has resulted in more rapid dissemination of information to the benefit of our patients. Other countries have since followed suit with organizations that bring the best of each specialty together.

All members of CLASS are certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as Specialists. Why is this certification important? The Royal College is the only organization in Canada that has the legal authority and mandate to certify a medical doctor as a Specialist. The American Board of Medical Specialties has a similar role in the United States. Having all members of CLASS meet these criteria ensures the public that its members have had the required many years of extra training necessary in addition to passing very rigorous examinations administered by experienced and trained physicians and surgeons. In recent years many doctors providing aesthetic treatments have presented themselves to the public as “experts” or “specialists” without any formal education and or recognized credentialing. Making it even more difficult for the public is the plethora of pseudo-organizations and certifications available to family physicians who decide that they want to add aesthetic treatments to their practices. Consumers should be more assertive and vigilant than ever and inquire about the specialist certification of their physicians and not be afraid to research the status and credentials of physicians.

The past decade has seen an unprecedented growth in cosmetic procedures and technologies. During this time surgical and non-surgical approaches have evolved to achieve better results with less risk and less recovery. However, it has never been more important for patients and doctors to consider the range of options available and then agree on a strategy designed specifically for each patient. Advances in Lasers and other technologies have continued to improve the safety and effectiveness of many rejuvenating therapies. Soft tissue augmentation, neurotoxins and topical therapies have continued to evolve and require extensive experience, knowledge and artistic skill to optimize patient outcomes. Cosmetic surgical procedures continue to be highly successful and sought after by patients of all ages with outcomes that still set the standards for rejuvenation possibilities. The commitment to mastering and advancing these treatments is something that all members of CLASS share. For our patients, they can be reassured by the fact that they are in experienced and uniquely qualified hands when trusting your appearance to a member of this society.

Dr. Sheetal Sapra,  Dermatologist
President 2019 – 2020

Executive Board
  • President:  Dr. Sheetal Sapra (Dermatologist)
  • Vice President:  Dr. Rahul Shukla( Dermatologist)
  • Treasurer:  Dr. Patricia Berbari (Plastic Surgeon)
  • Secretary:  Dr. Amanda Fanous ( Otolaryngologist)
  • Assistant Secretary/Historian:  Dr. Jonathan Shapero (Dermatologist)
  • Public Relations:  Dr. Claudio DeLorenzi ( Plastic Surgeon)