To become a member follow the steps below:

1) Download and complete all areas of the application. Fill in ‘none’ or ‘inapplicable’ where appropriate.

Download Application CLASS Membership Application

2) Submit application and curriculum vitae or resume . This can be emailed to   or mailed to the address below:

CLASS Memberships
2334 Heska Rd.
Pickering, Ontario L1X 0K1

3) Pay $350 application fee. This includes your first year dues.

Please note:

  • This will include a basic web site listing for your practice as part of the website.
  • Election to membership requires a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board of Directors. Prior to consideration by the Board of Directors, the names of all applicants are submitted to the membership. Members may send comments to the Secretary who will then present the comments to the Board for their consideration.
  • Applicants who are not approved for membership will be notified in writing of the decision only upon written request.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may appeal the decision of the Board of Directors according the Bylaws of the Society.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will have a refund of $250 of the initial $350 paid by the applicant (the application processing fee is $100 and is not refundable).

Pay Application Fee