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To access information about procedures performed by CLASS members, please click the drop down menu below. Not all CLASS members offer all procedures. Please check our member database for services offered by individual members. The Baby Boomer generation is starting to see wrinkles and folds – and they don’t appreciate them. This generation is health conscious and has faithfully exercised, dieted and looked after their spiritual health. Now, there is a mismatch between what they see in the mirror and what is felt – between the youthful spirit within and the tired, aged face looking back. The concept of time-sensitive maintenance is being seriously considered and accepted by Baby Boomers.

From daily cosmeceutical skin care such as Vitamins A, C and alphahydroxy acid creams, from high SPF sunscreens to injectables such as Botox and Collagen, people are appreciating the new technology that is available to help them achieve their goals.

Surgical procedures have been streamlined to reduce recovery time – CO2 laser treatment, eyelid lifts, tumescent liposuction and non-ablative resurfacing procedures all offer therapeutic possibilities to the time-conscious middle-aged subject. While some procedures such as facelifts and ablative laser resurfacing give wonderful change to the face, they require more treatment time to achieve the desired improvement. However, modern techniques can reduce the recovery time needed even for procedures such as these.

The Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society (CLASS) is a Canadian-based, multi-disciplinary, cosmetic surgery organization whose goal is to educate and promote the latest techniques and the most recent advances in cosmetic surgical enhancements for the benefit of all cosmetic patients.


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