Founded in 1997, The Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Specialists Society (CLASS) is a non-profit medical society incorporated under the federal laws of Canada.

CLASS is dedicated to excellence in cosmetic laser surgery and active in the dissemination of information, education, preceptorship and the promotion of quality in all forms of aesthetic laser surgery. CLASS was founded on the principle that the pursuit of excellence is best achieved by collaboration between medical specialties.

CLASS is a membership-driven organization whose directive is to promote quality in all forms of aesthetic laser surgery. CLASS counts among its members a diverse group of recognized leaders from the field of cosmetic laser surgery and physicians from a wide variety of specialties.

CLASS promotes communication between medical specialties. CLASS was created to ensure that both members and their patients would benefit mutually from the Society’s mandate of continuing education, industry growth and the promotion of excellence.

Membership in CLASS is exclusive to physicians who have achieved a specialty  or General Practice certification .   As a patient, you will benefit from the dissemination of knowledge among these groups since CLASS provides its members with the unique opportunity to teach and learn from one another.

Physician membership in CLASS is your assurance as a patient that the laser practitioner you have chosen seeks continuously to improve his or her skill, competency and surgical technique. CLASS members are  are skilled medical specialists who have a special interest in cosmetic procedures.

CLASS members understand an important concept: when a cosmetic surgeon experiences a preventable complication a ripple effect ensues that can damage the public’s perception of aesthetic surgery. CLASS members know that everyone benefits if they, as laser surgeons, are vigilant in providing safe, competent, quality care.