The Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Specialists Society holds an Annual Education Symposium for members.

CLASS recognizes the specialty training of other countries and welcomes international specialists into our group. CLASS is the first inter-specialty organization dedicated to educational excellence! Attendance at our annual symposium is open to specialists.  Our past keynote  speakers have  included  Dr. Tina Alster, Dr. Sterling Baker, Dr. Jean Carruthers, Dr. Sidney Coleman, Dr. Barry DiBernardo, Dr. Jeffrey Dover,    Dr. Doris Hexsel, Dr. Jose Raul Montes, Dr. Vic Narurkar, Dr. Jason Pozner, Dr. Mark Rubin, Dr. Renato Saltz, Dr. Danny Vlegaar & Dr. Chris Zachary

Our 2019 meeting in Toronto  was one of our best,  featuring talks from our invited guests Dr. George Bitar, Dr.  Nancy Tucker, Dr. Mark Lupin,  and CMPA Medical Legal expert Dr. Liisa Honey.

JOIN US   IN 2020!
Saturday, 14th November
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal