Artecoll is inert and therefore compatible with your body.

That is why it has been found to be useful in many areas:

* facial folds and wrinkles
* lip augmentation
* nasal irregularities
* acne scars

Artecoll consists of microspheres suspended in a solution of collagen. It is used as an injectable micro-implant to augment soft tissue. Prior to injection, one skin test is required to determine if there is an allergy to collagen. If correction is not achieved after the initial Artecoll implant, the treatment can be repeated 2 months later.

Artecoll is an injection that combines three key ingredients. The primary one is an inert material with decades of medical experience within the human body. With Artecoll, PMMA is prepared as very tiny microspheres, blended with a small amount of collagen, just enough to carry them through a fine needle. The formula also includes a trace dose of an anaesthetic to dull local discomfort during the procedure.

Over the first 90 days after treatment, the injected collagen dissipates and is replaced with new collagen created by your body which binds the PMMA microspheres in place.

After Artecoll treatment, like other facial injections, you may experience slight swelling, redness, tenderness or itching that lasts only a short while. It’s important to remember, however, that it takes 3 months for Artecoll to takes it’s full effect, so you should not judge the results too soon.