Softform implants are a natural-looking solution to pronounced facial furrows and lip augmentation.

The Softform implant is made of a synthetic material, that has been used for more than 20 years in a variety of medical applications that includes the replacement of deteriorated blood vessels, hernia repair, abdominal wall reinforcement and now soft tissue augmentation and reconstruction of the face.

The implant’s unique, hollow, tubular-shape is designed to promote in-growth of the body’s natural fibrous tissue into the implant’s center and to provide stability.

The Softform implant provides a treatment alternative for patients who have pronounced facial furrows or nasolabial folds and would like a more defined lip border; noticeable long-lasting correction; have soft tissue deficiency; or are bovine-sensitive patients.

Some doctors have chosen to combine Softform implant with a face lift to minimize jowl lines which may not be completely removed by surgery. Some patients have used Softform implant with other aesthetic procedures such as collagen implants, face lifts or facial resurfacing for optimal correction or to further enhance results.

The unique design and delivery system promotes long-lasting smoothing of pronounced facial creases and furrows and definition of the lip border.

Inserting the Softform implant requires a simple, in-office surgical procedure that generally lasts less than 30 minutes. The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic. Results are visible immediately. Patients will be able to determine their actual results after the swelling is gone.

Recovery time is minimal; in fact, many patients return to work the following day. Following the procedure, tiny scars from the surgical entry and exit sites are visible. These scars usually become unnoticeable over time and can be camouflaged with cosmetics.