(Thermage™, ThermaCool™, Thermal Lifting, ThermaPlasty and Thermoplastic Contouring)

Thermage™ is a new non-surgical facelift approach. Thermage™ also creates forehead and neck lifts, firming of the jowls and neck tissue.

What is Thermage™? Thermage™ is a unique use of computerized radio frequency that allows for tightening of collagen, elastic tissue without any damage to the overlying skin. There is no downtime from your personal life.

How does the Thermage™ work? Computerized controlled radio frequency tightens collagen and elastic tissue in a uniform controlled pattern creating a smoother texture and firmness.

Is it painful? This treatment can be sensitive so we use the newer topical anesthetic creams that are applied at our clinic called E-Max. This is not to be confused with Emla which is not effective.

How long does the procedure take? The treatment may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the size of the area treated.

When will the results be visible? Phase I: During the first 30 days contraction of connective tissue – collagen and elastic tissue creating a firmer looking zone to the treated area. Phase II: Over a 6 month period there is new collagen and elastic tissue formed thus the gradual improvement of the areas treated in firmness and contour of the skin.

In those patients that have very loose skin the results can be seen within the first few weeks. However, with careful follow-up photographs results are gradual and may take 6 months.

How many treatments will I need? For some patients 1 treatment session is sufficient, others require more than one treatment. This is a new concept and as your skin matures and changes, touchup treatments may be required.

Can I combine Thermage™ with other treatment options? Thermage™ will be used as a single modality, however patients usually will have a combination of eyelid lifts (laser upper and lower blepharoplasties for baggy eyelids), Botox to improve the animation lines giving patients a more confident, softer look to their face.

The newer fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Artecoll, Juvederm, and DermaLive – DermaDeep are used for depressed scars, facial folds, wrinkles, and lip enhancement. Thermage™ will tighten the skin but will not change the blotchy uneven tone pattern, pigmentation, or vessels. Intense Pulsed Light is a very natural combination with Thermage™ to improve all the effects of sun and aging.