Rhinophyma is a progressive, disfiguring disease of the nose which represents an end stage of rosacea. This cosmetically annoying condition almost exclusively affects white men.

The rhinophyma pattern presents as an erythematous lobulated nasal tip with a seborrheic discharge and multiple large vessels, primarily involving the lower ⅔ of the nose.

Past treatment techniques have included: Excision with or without grafting, Heated scalpel excision (Shaw scalpel), Ultrasonic scalpel, Electro cautery excision, Dermabrasion Cryosurgery, Chemical peels Combination of any of these.

Current Therapy: There are many techniques available to treat and reduce rhinophyma; however the high energy pulsed CO2 lasers used in the collimated beam mode is the treatment of choice. The current method the last few years has created excellent results with a high patient satisfaction.

Goals of rhinophyma therapy:
1. To remove all the excessive rhinophyma tissue creating an even contour to the nose
2. Create one color, texture and tone to the lower ⅔ of the nose that is involved
3. Feathering and blending the edges so that the transition zone is not detectable once the healing has taken place
4. Pre-existing active rosacea lesions are easier to manage and control after the rhinophyma laser surgery

Dr. B. Kent Remington