Permanent eyeliner and eyebrow makeup has increased dramatically, creating a reservoir of patients who are unhappy with the end results.

The pigment instability, the chemical composition, the color variations, pigment migration, artistic technical errors and style changes lead to the unsatisfied patient requesting removal of the tattoo.

Removal of permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing presents a challenge. Past surgical techniques, the Argon laser and CO2 lasers may create undesirable scarring. The use of the newer Q-Switched lasers have dramatically improved the results. These lasers specifically destroy the pigment and save the skin intact without creating the scarring.

There are 5 lasers in clinical use capable of removing eyeliner and eyebrow tattooing. These include the double frequency Q-Switched (Nd):YAG 532, the regular Q-Switched (Nd): YAG 1064, the Q-Switched Alexandrite 755 nm, the Q-Switched Ruby at 694. The Pulsed Dye Green Light Laser at 510 nm is also effective in selected cases.

No topical or local anesthetic is usually necessary. The eye is protected by special laser eye contacts which are very easy to insert and remove. Treatments are done at 4-6 week intervals for 2-6 treatments depending on the clinical response.